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Fodere and Mere, two pestilent Frenchmen who WOULD investigate the subject; and further, of the corroborative testimony of Monsieur Le Cat, a rather celebrated French surgeon once upon a time, who had the unpoliteness to live in a house where such a case occurred and even to write an account of it--still they regard the late Mr.
For Sauvages, to be anxious was to suffer commotions in thought leading to constant restless changes of bodily situation, an argument perhaps related to the subsequent claim by the physician and epidemiologist Francois-Emmanuel Fodere that "traders, merchants, and military men," wanderers all, are likelier to suffer from insanity than their homebody peers.
ANXIETAS--Molestia quae ad continuam locis mutationem cog-it," Francois Boissier de Sauvages de Lacroix, Nosologia Methodica Sistens Morborum Classes, Genera et Species (Venice: Pezzana, 1764) 500; Francois-Emmanuel Fodere, Traite du delire (1817), 2 vols.
5 Ted Fodere of Melcher and Prescott Insurance, Meredith, left congratulates Don Vandenburghe, who was the lucky bidder for a pair of Red Sox tickets donated by Melcher and Prescott to the Meredith Chamber of Commerce for its 'Margaritaville in Meredith' fund-raiser.
10, CCCM 140: 445: "Hiis tribus primis diebus, sollempniter est feriandum; in sequentibus uero, licet uiris ruralia opera, que magis sunt necessaria, exercere; sed feminis non licet here, nunquam autern choreas ducere, quia, secundum Gregorium, melius est fodere et arare quam choreas ducere.
See Franco is-Emmanuel Fodere, Traite de medecine legale et d'hygiene publique ou de police de sante (Paris, 1813).