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In the real world, the outlook for the future of communications and entertainment is foggier than either scenario suggests.
Additionally, recall that the LBO lenders may sell off some or all of the debt in the time between the transaction and the fraudulent transfer claim, (110) making equitable subordination a foggier matter.
are concerned about the cost of assessments and certification and possibly not being able to use some sprays for Botrytis and powdery mildew, especially in the cooler and foggier parts of the county.
However, given the unpromising attitude of those in power, this picture seems to get foggier by the day.
These conditions may well last well into next WEEK but then the days and nights will revert bacK into cooler and foggier conditions as we head into October.
For instance, when we say "The London of the Sherlock Holmes stories is foggier than the London I know," London in the second occurrence will refer to the city in England while London in the first occurrence (for Lewis and French) will refer to a city in the world where the Sherlock Holmes stories are told as known fact.
The conditions were foggier in the internal areas than the coastal areas.
It was cooler, foggier, and mistier than any of the other previous mornings.
The line between television and real life, never clear to begin with, has grown a bit foggier with the release of Leon Logothetis' new memoir, Amazing Adventures of a Nobody.
What is a Jew becomes all the foggier when someone fully embraces the faith as an adult.
These data indicate that a cooler, moister, and presumably foggier climate existed at that time in comparison to the subsequent and continuous 20th-century record of more than 50 years.
While crystal balls do remain murky--and become even foggier amid a crush of newly proposed distribution platforms, including major Internet entities--seeing DVR penetration nearing 40% of homes suggests the future is getting closer.