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Not as long as the majority feel that, for all their perceived foibles and freeloading, the royals bring more to the country than they take out.
But these foibles are part of the reason we tune in - for their banter and amusing bits like a goat trying to eat Kirstie's sun hat and Phil managing to pull down a curtain rail.
Nardizzi tackles family, sex and the foibles of everyday life with a distinctly Massachusetts sense of the absurd and ability to deflate pretentiousness with a sneer.
Although their faculties may be diminishing, their foibles, their flaws, passions for life are in no way reduced, so in that sense it's a positive, life-affirming film.
Film: Mendes explores nation's foibles Odd couple hit the road.
These two Irishmen could view the British from a distance, dramatizing their foibles in an amusing manner.
But the author also turns an eagle eye on the foibles and follies of the people and politicians who roam the East African landscape.
My Story" vignettes in each chapter describe the author's own fears, foibles, and triumphs in challenging situations.
A poignant novel of personal trial, coming of age, self-discovery, love, and the priceless gift of true friendship, reflecting the importance of learning to recognize and forgive the foibles of human nature.
He said: "He picked out the foibles of the mighty with pinpoint accuracy.
Some of the world's leading marksmen, such as Jonny Wilkinson and Dan Carter, have struggled with their kicking this tournament, even using the weight of the ball as a reason for their foibles.
Current events and headline-grabbing news as well as little-known anecdotes of history are recurring topics in this at time sardonic social commentary, written with a tongue-in-cheek zest for exposing human foibles.