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Relatives and friends gathered outside Bajracharya's red brick house on Saturday to greet the Kumari with folded hands.
The seventh volume in the outstanding Haffner Press series of Jack Williamson's writings, "With Folded Hands .
as the heavily-armed Hizbullah, which is an expert in inflicting defeat on the Israeli army or in preventing it from achieving political and military objectives for its government, will not stand with folded hands in the face of an attack," Naoum said.
The daughter's face is filled with pain and she looked up with folded hands.
Amid chanting of Hindu hymns, men, women and children waded into the river with folded hands and prayed to the sun as it emerged in an overcast sky.
I request with folded hands, kindly once visit and justify my items and rates
Israel's offensive in Lebanon is highly unpopular among Iraqis, and Sadr was among the first politicians to publicly condemn Israel's actions, warning in July that his followers would "not sit by with folded hands before the creep of Zionism".
What about those folded hands taught to every child and modeled in a thousand little hand sculptures?
HATE her sleeping on her back, head raised, with folded hands - looks like a corpse in a cof fin.
Subjects ranged from the serious -- a pair of folded hands morphing into a dove -- to the wry: primitive sketches of fast food establishments Panda Express and Taco Bell bound together by ribbons as ``unity.
the sailors folded hands for hours of heroic boredom.
The cover doesn't droop over my folded hands, and there's no sewn-in purple placement ribbon.