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Then the tune, a folkish number titled "Someday (Somewhere, Maybe Somebody)," blossomed into an infectious chorus.
The result is that Singer's stories about supernatural occurrences are neither folkish nor preciously magical-realist, but genuinely uncanny and often frightening studies of human nature.
Accompanied by violinist Sally Greenwell, the folkish troubadour - originally from North Wales but now resident in the Welsh capital - delivered a set that was both delicate and stirring, passionate and poised.
However Gruber also makes the argument that during the time of troubles, a gulf developed within Orthodoxy between the official variant, reflected in the discourse of the established Church, and a more populist, folkish variant rooted in the villages.
In the German context, their expressions of violence, peasant identity, village life, and anti-modernist impulses link them to the memory of National Socialism and Blut und Boden folkish morality.
It's dark and gothic in parts but optimistic, as seen in A Darkness Rises Up while I Used To Dream has a slight folkish vibe.
In a similar way, De Wet's play mixes familiar elements of folkish fiction, (11) and yet, at the same time, arouses disconcerting suspicions that everything is not as it appears to be; that dark currents underscore perceptions of idyllic domesticity.
For a less campy example of a fictional groundplot that is folkish and also Biblical, and where we hardly expect it, consider Henry James's Wings of the Dove and The Golden Bowl.
70) In Hitler's own words, "the crown of the folkish state's entire work of education and training must be to burn the racial sense and racial feeling into the instinct and the intellect, the heart and brain of the young entrusted to it.
In his essay on Ukrainian national identity, Stryjek illustrates the central problem in the construction of this identity: that there is no "consensual history" on which all parties agree (233), but rather the national myth is based on three conflicting paradigms: the folkish (volksnah), the ethnic, and the cultural constructivist (235).
Local pride also runs through the offerings at the Vanilla Bean Cafe, folkish in its evening entertainment and folksy in its daylight deli dining.
As well as releasing 40-odd albums, he's also the man behind the Fence Collective, a wayward record label that has acted as a refuge and a springboard for some of Britain's most idiosyncratic folkish acts.