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3) A film maker committed to social awareness, he adapts conventions from the black vernacular to film, calling on viewers to develop a competency in folkloric methods of understanding the world.
However, they remain two of the most prominent folkloric tales, as well as a huge part of Egypt's cultural heritage.
We are always keen on presenting diverse forms of colourful folkloric arts and dances in different locations of the event, be it the Heart of Sharjah or the Eastern and Middle Districts.
The festival, that opened late on Sunday in Damnhour Opera House, features different folkloric arts from Egypt, India, Greece and Indonesia.
folkloric dancing, according to one of the participants.
Vintage dilemmas of the folkloric grand narratives re-merge in a globalized world, and the anthology's featured authors place characters firmly on twenty-first-century Irish soil that is also, somehow, universal.
Summary: Kurdish group "Fine Art" attended and took part in the 37th International Folkloric Festival of Portugalete.
sing a folkloric song titled "Ya Rumman" (Oh pomegranate).
celebrations included folkloric and musical shows by various Jordanian artists including Hussam and Wissam Al-Lozi, Maan Folkloric Group and Jordanian singer Omar Al-Abdallat.
May 29 and 30, Ballet Folklorico Cutumba (performing at Brooklyn Academy of Music, May 27-30) invites all ages to experience the infectious rhythms of Afro-Cuban folkloric dance.
of New York at Stony Brook) explores how folkloric and postcolonial discourses work to create alternative meanings and spaces to dominant literary and historical expression.
He added that the organization of the football match between Lebanese politicians was "marred by tensions between the politicians themselves," rendering the football match "just another folkloric act which didn't achieve anything.