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And there is often a deep, almost spiritual connection between the folk musicians and the folklorists who documented and promoted their careers--between, for instance, Alan Lomax and Lead Belly, John Cohen of the New Lost City Ramblers and Roscoe Holcomb, folklorist Ralph Rinzler and Doc Watson.
In terms of radio, the CBC national radio series "Ideas" featured a programme on fairy beliefs, created by Memorial folklorist Peter Narvaez.
Many people understand the concept of traditional as standing in contrasr to innovative or modern, but in fact, as folklorist Henry Glassie has so eloquently explained, tradition is simply "the creation of the future out of the past.
Panel presentations highlighted both graduate student work, as well as the important work of community advocates and public folklorists.
Oring cites communal, common, informal, marginal, personal, traditional, aesthetic, and ideological as such concepts (noticeably absent is "performance" and "context"), or I might characterize them as aspects, of cultural practices to which the folklorist is drawn.
Reflecting on the disciplinary future of folklore in the age of the Internet, Blank recalls that many senior folklorists were initially reluctant to do ethnography online since they believed that oral expression of folklore is its most authentic manifestation.
In the third piece, Judy McKinty examines the question of string games; these were documented by nineteenth-century folklorists and McKinty's article offers a useful insight into developing approaches to investigation by folklorists.
Other folklorists, including Earl Clifton Beck, Richard Dorson, Bruno Nettl, and Ivan Walton, contributed fieldwork.
The renowned and sometimes controversial ballad scholar and folklorist, David Buchan (1939-1994), enjoyed a varied and distinguished academic career in Scotland and North America.
1878: American poet, historian, and folklorist Carl Sandburg, whose Abraham Lincoln: The War Years won the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1940, was born.
Alexander Sirunyan, the lawyer of the former- candidate for president, folklorist Vardan Sedrakyan, told ArmInfo he
Contract awarded for cultor folklorist hiring of music and traditional center