follow suit

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Private banks planning to follow suit include EnTie Commercial Bank, Cosmos Bank, Far Eastern International Bank, Jih Sun International Bank, Yuanta Bank and E.
Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons may follow suit.
The Flatiron district is one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in the city and Philippe Massoud's new high-end, hip restaurant is one of the first of many of its kind to follow suit in the neighborhood," he said.
The Celtic Tiger is not a myth--it's a reality, and the results (including jobs, economic development, and tax revenues) have prompted Ireland's neighbors to follow suit, with Germany and Spain being the most recent countries to announce significant reductions and The Netherlands signaling the intention to follow suit.
The courts of jurisdictions other than California could soon follow suit.
BOOKMAKERS Paddy Power are making their customers pay for the usually free service of beverages in their betting shops on Saturday, and encouraging other operators to follow suit for a good cause, writes Howard Wright.
Do parents who became myopic because of heavy reading create an environment that encourages their kids to follow suit, she asks.
Jerry Shaw, instructor of the Shredding department at Team Werks co-operative in Thunder Bay, says that while the government has appeared to take the necessary precautions, small private companies have failed to follow suit.
Other Tokyo wards and cities across Japan are fully expected to follow suit.
This encourages priests and faithful to follow suit.
BIRKENHEAD businessman Ian Raffe is a ``leading light'' in Wirral and is urging his counterparts to follow suit.
If other state courts follow suit, wine consumers, not meddling bureaucrats or protectionist wine wholesalers, will have the power to decide which Merlot best goes with their chicken parmesan.