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It does seem to me that having leadership skills is one of those areas in which women still have to be better than men in order to be recognized, because men can still get away with demanding followership without immediately being written off as bossy.
Just as Washington's presence had a significant influential effect on followership, today we thirst for true and real authentic leadership.
Moreover, political science and international relations, probably like other disciplines, are full of followership perhaps best illustrated through the apparently mandatory citing of 'seminal' texts and authors.
Multi disciplinary, team-based care is being tried in many settings, and there is clear recognition that having physicians integrated into the leadership, followership and management of these initiatives is pivotal for success.
They view the giraffe as a metaphor for a leader with a unique lookout post--one who incents followership rather than intimidating others in the herd to behave in a certain manner.
Political followership is forbidden inside the military institution.
Topics addressed include socialization at work, personality at work, personality and productivity, the role of interpersonal relations in organizational leadership and followership, job demands and anxiety, and social skills and work.
We all acknowledge change is needed and, as doctors, we have a huge opportunity to shape the emerging structure and culture of NHS Wales through leadership and followership.
Those unthinking examples of blind followership (Muslim Brotherhood members, for example, have now acquired the appellation "sheep" on social networks); the beirdo weirdos; xenophobic haters of Crusaders (sorry, I meant Christians), women, and the rest of us less-than-evidently-pious Muslims.
One of the most critical things is being able to create followership.
Our own research shows that tyranny does not result from blind conformity to rules and roles, it is a creative act of followership that flows from identification with authorities who represent vicious acts as virtuous," Professor Haslam said.
EMBODIES AIRMAN CULTURE--Ethical leadership; Warrior ethos; Develop self; Followership