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Fomentation of this study by Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do estado de Minas Gerais (FAPEMIG); Programa Institucional de Bolsas de Iniciacao Cientifica (PIBIC), Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnologico (CNPq).
Examines the 1860 Leaves of Grass "in the context of radical abolitionism's willful fomentation of the sectional crisis in the late eighteen-fifties," particularly in relation to James Redpath's anthology Echoes of Harper's Ferry (1860), arguing that both Whitman and Redpath "share a legacy of political enthusiasm"; proposes "a singular Whitman of 1860" who is not "the national bard of American Unionism and integralism who speaks for all and heals the nation's fragmentation, but of American dismemberment and sectarian internationalism who speaks only for the enthusiast and a camaraderie based upon a 'fractured state'"; goes on to argue that Whitman "embraces John Brown's politics of civil dismemberment" even while hanging onto "his lifelong desire to forge a democratic union of comrades.
It means that senesce relating processes may be started because during senesces or fomentation consume the total soluble solids in oranges (Supraditareporn and Pinthong, 2007).
u1/4 Massage whole body with emphasis on affected joint followed by hot fomentation
A post-graduation program at UFSCar was created in the same year focusing on studies in this reservoir and its wetlands on zoology, botany and ecology among other research areas, with the support of scholarships and fomentation agencies.
This question of where authority is located in the theatre, or who is doing what to whom, intersects meaningfully with Prynne's anti-theatrical anxieties about 'the irritation, the inflammation, the fomentation of divers sinnfull lusts', to say nothing of the potential for 'actuall adultery, whoredome, and uncleannesse' inherent in women seeing and women being seen.
Modern historians sound a note of cautious disagreement with them, with Dorothy Thompson (The Chartists, 288-90) disclaiming any concerted League scheme (and admitting that individual League members definitely provoked and exploited the strikes) and Charlton concluding that the League fomentation theory was "probably wrong" (D.
Hot fomentation was done by either heating the sand in metallic utensil and putting it into a piece of cloth and applied to painful area.
As time went by, an embarrassing and unsustainable situation was noticed, regarding the so-called slush fund, a sort of illegal fomentation fund, monetarily fed by donations of those who were not allowed to make them--the main problem used to regard legal entities.
Since the fomentation of this second audience follows chronologically from that of the first, a consideration of the reception of Chicana writing by mexicana authors will help define the ways in which Poniatowska acts as a social interpreter for Mango Street in Mexico.
A dark fomentation, unyielding, someone to draw with, to mark the outlines of afternoons.
Heat fomentation can also reduce pain and stiffness.