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These obscurantists - princes, popes, Jews, but especially "mendicant tyrants" - Erasmus tended to typify as fomenters of evil, entrapping the populace in superstitious ceremony rather than liberating them spiritually.
Seeking to reconcile the life of the mind and the needs of the spirit, Noll elegantly celebrates the mental candlepower of early fomenters, such as Jonathan Edwards, Timothy Dwight, and Charles Finney, who toiled just before what Noll calls "the Evangelical Enlightenment.
I cannot tell you how many sermons I have heard in which the Pharisees were excoriated as symbols of inauthentic religious observance or examples of self-centered delusion or culpable fomenters of hostility.
Doesn't this deadbeat crowd know that such lines are genuine howlers, field-tested fomenters of laughter among ordinary groups of people in ordinary social settings?
With bullets ricocheting and killing all across the face of what has become the most violent of nations, snuffing out lives and wounding both by accident and malice aforethought, violent crime escalating, and "tough on crime" rhetoric dominating the political, media, and public dialogue, the former Chief Justice reserved his strongest and most deeply felt words for the National Rifle Association (NRA), which he saw as the prime fomenters of gun violence, and the gun zealots who support, sustain, and heed NRA extremism.
In Nottingham the virulently anti-Luddite Nottingham Gazette called the slave-trade petitioners fomenters of a new war and opponents of the government.
Mitchell Waldrop's Complexity, and Roger Lewin's Complexity--in which we can read about the fomenters of this revolution.
NNA - Justice Minister, Ashraf Rifi, stressed that there is no fear befalling Tripoli since the city is stronger than fomenters of strife and "dark rooms" and the dubious press.
Mohseni-Ejai did not say how film showing the staffers in the crowds made them fomenters.
Yet it was not until the 1990s that a new wave of Jewish historians began to focus on the "port Jews" of Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Venice, and the like as fomenters of modernism.