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In the country, when Lady Jane was telling stories to the children, who clustered about her knees (little Rawdon into the bargain, who was very fond of her), and Becky came into the room, sneering with green scornful eyes, poor Lady Jane grew silent under those baleful glances.
Besides the service and society, Vronsky had another great interest--horses; he was passionately fond of horses.
He added, in a whisper to me, as I was following the Sergeant out, "I know what that man is going to say about Rachel; and I am too fond of her to hear it, and keep my temper.
He attends to all the necessities of these strange favourites himself, and he has taught the creatures to be surprisingly fond of him and familiar with him.
He is as fond of fine clothes as the veriest fool in existence, and has appeared in four magnificent waistcoats already--all of light garish colours, and all immensely large even for him--in the two days of his residence at Blackwater Park.
He has evidently discovered that Laura secretly dislikes him (she confessed as much to me when I pressed her on the subject)--but he has also found out that she is extravagantly fond of flowers.
And all day long, as he kept unwinking watch on the slow process which promised to protract itself through many days and weeks, whenever (to save himself from being choked with dust) he patrolled a little cinderous beat he established for the purpose, without taking his eyes from the diggers, he still stumped to the tune: He's GROWN too FOND of MONEY for THAT, he's GROWN too FOND of MONEY.
His brother, patient and considerate in the midst of his own high health and strength, had many and many a day denied himself the sports he loved, to sit beside his couch, telling him old stories till his pale face lighted up with an unwonted glow; to carry him in his arms to some green spot, where he could tend the poor pensive boy as he looked upon the bright summer day, and saw all nature healthy but himself; to be, in any way, his fond and faithful nurse.
We are deeply humbled to receive an award of such magnitude," said Fond Doux's co-owner Eroline Lamontagne.
Some 320 million euros have so far accumulated in KB Prv penziski fond, while NLB Nov penziski fond has at its disposal some 277 million euros.
By no means disgraced on his next start at Ludlow, Fond Memory was found out in much stronger company than he meets today when fourth of five at Ascot behind Dance Floor King (now rated 130) and Garrahalish (134).
Talking to media on Sunday, brother of designated CJP, Additional Secretary National Assembly Shahid Hussain Jillani told that Tassaduq Husain Jillani also fond of planting fruit trees and keeps animals and birds.