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Fanny wrote to offer herself; and her mother's answer, though short, was so kind--a few simple lines expressed so natural and motherly a joy in the prospect of seeing her child again, as to confirm all the daughter's views of happiness in being with her--convincing her that she should now find a warm and affectionate friend in the "mama" who had certainly shewn no remarkable fondness for her formerly; but this she could easily suppose to have been her own fault or her own fancy.
He was nicknamed Stonefish because of Mayor Duterte's fondness for the sea.
The X-Men star, who has dated Coldplay singer Chris Martin, recently admitted she has a fondness for British men.
They used to say that a sign of advancing years was a fondness for elasticised trousers.
Chris Martin "They used to say that a sign of advancing years was a fondness for elasticised trousers.
Now plying his trade back in his native Greece, he looks back with fondness on his time on Tyneside IT was Jamie Carragher who made the early-season suggestion Newcastle United have always been known for having a dodgy defence.
An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: Campfire Conversations with Alfred Russel Wallace on People and Nature Based on Common Travel in the Malay Archipelago.
This fact alone should have alerted all involved to the fatal flaw at the heart of this debacle - namely that it was relying on the viewer's fondness for Del Boy.
As with all Fondness Media food websites, their soup site recipes are easy to follow and widely varied.
3 : a special fondness or the object of a special fondness <Chocolate is my weakness.
FORMULA One boss Max Mosley has admitted he kept his fondness for sado-masochistic bondage a secret from his wife for 45 years.
Fortunately for him, the lady's uncle is a Roman cardinal whose fondness for snuff is equaled by his flair for matchmaking