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Windows users expect font managers to require manual font activation or to keep all fonts in the Windows/Fonts folder, whether or not they are using a font management utility.
Japan and China, Monotype Imaging is a global leader in fonts and font technologies for graphic professionals, software developers and manufacturers of printers and display devices.
Every font on a creative professional's system is yet another piece of software that interacts directly with their design applications and the Windows operating system.
Monotype Imaging's iType([R]) font engine, the company's embedded subsystem for generating scalable, multilingual text on consumer electronics devices, will be made available for Symbian OS[TM] as a reference component, shipping in Symbian OS developer and customer kits.
The latest iType release supports linked fonts, which allows for a grouping of fonts to be treated as a single font, without having to merge multiple font files.
The meeting has seen a high level of commitment from participating companies to support the new QuickDraw GX format," said Peter Klink, director of the Font Business Unit for Linotype-Hell AG.
Under this new agreement, QNX has extended its license for Bitstream's Font Fusion technology.
Suitcase Fusion, a Universal Application, is the only professional font manager for single-user environments with industrial-strength features.
Developers can control the level of font compression depending on the device they need to support.
a global leader in font and imaging technologies, has acquired China Type Design Limited, a typeface design and production company based in Hong Kong.
The benefits of our ESQ Mobile font collection go far beyond the expanding range of designs," said John Seguin, executive vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging's Display Imaging group.
amp; SALFORDS, Surrey, England -- For the first time, more than 100,000 font products are available from Monotype Imaging's e-commerce storefront, Fonts.