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And you need to speak out, although I realize this requires a certain amount of foolhardiness, even bravery.
An incredible story of adventure, foolhardiness and survival.
The street stands wholly sullen and apathetic to their foolhardiness and insanity, hurting the masses so incurably.
Demonstrating this foolhardiness, the company is also about to open its third hotel in Lebanon; Coral Beirut Concorde Hotel.
Not so in The Narrow Path to War, which opens with the bang of a 'guster storm' (composed of an electromagnetic conduit with supercharged particle funnels) and introduces readers to the possible foolhardiness and bravery of Alex, who wants to be on the wall (the most dangerous place to be in such a storm) and in the center of danger.
I think you'd agree all three things would be a sign of foolhardiness that took some beating.
He said that expecting an improvement after voting the corrupt and the plunderers was sheer foolhardiness.
How I thought I was going to get to the gym in the first week with the children still on holiday proved my foolhardiness and as for getting super organised - how did I not plan for my innate ability to be an airhead when deciding that I could just magic myself into the next Kirstie Allsopp?
Whether it was youthful foolhardiness or the reaction time edge that being 35 years younger than me provided, Dave shouted, dived in and grabbed Chester by the collar.
THE thin line between daredevilry and foolhardiness cost a young man his life this weekend.
Central government needs to realise that these cuts are absolute foolhardiness, and show no care for the general public.
Given all the peculiarities and foolhardiness that have hampered Iranian politics, the ranks of those who administrate the country are not completely void of able and competent men.