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But when he would have entered the blackness of the undergrowth they tried to dissuade him; and the wagerer was most insistent of all that he abandon his foolhardy venture.
They ran for the gates, to wreak dire vengeance upon the foolhardy perpetrator of the outrage; but they suddenly realized that they did not know which way to turn to find the foe.
I shall break my neck yet with some such foolhardy performance, for warnings never seem to have any lasting effect on me.
The pupils won- dered if this foolhardy boy had lost his mind.
D'Artagnan was not one of those foolhardy men who seek a ridiculous death in order that it may be said of them that they did not retreat a single step.
What he had done was so amazing, so foolhardy, that no trained electrician could have thought of it.
Louvieres sprang forward to snatch his sword, which stood against a chair in a corner of the room; but a glance from the worthy Broussel, who in the midst of It all did not lose his presence of mind, checked this foolhardy action of despair.
And making such claims to bolster one's case for taxpayer dollars is more than foolhardy - it is potentially illegal.
There are only so many times you can fall before it becomes foolhardy to continue," he said.
If it is proved that these guns were left in the car without supervision then at the very least the person responsible's licence to hold firearms should be immediately withdrawn and, furthermore, in my opinion, the owner should be prosecuted for causing possible danger to the public by taking such a foolhardy action in relation to these guns.
What you did was both foolhardy and potentially very dangerous.
PRINCE HARRY'S abseil down the face of a Welsh dam was criticised as foolhardy yesterday as Buckingham Palace began an investigation into safety aspects of the adventure trip.