foot the bill

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As things stand at present it is the local authority - in other words my constituents and other local council tax payers - who have had to foot the bills for the disposal which was absolutely necessary in order to avoid a potential environmental disaster, " he said.
But doesn't that make it all the more cost-effective for government to foot the bill instead of penalising the rest of us as firms forced to pay out pass on the costs to their customers?
He applied for grants to foot the bill, which came to around $10,000 per classroom.
But she won't be there in person because organisers couldn't afford to foot the bill for her and her entourage.
They own nothing, and they are a continual burden on the taxpayers who foot the bill for the illegals' health care, education, housing, and, soon, Social Security.
In this case, while it is not entirely clear how the settlement will work out for consumers in the marketplace, we do know for certain that consumers will have to foot the bill for millions of dollars in legal costs which will be passed along to them.
Bourguignon crafted an ambitious program to rejuvenate the resort brand, but ultimately couldn't convince his shareholders to foot the bill.
Insurance coverage has become the brass ring of the alternative medicine movement, whose advocates believe demand for their services would skyrocket if more private or federal insurers were willing to foot the bill.
If your guaranteed room is unavailable and you were planning to stay there for more than one night, the hotel is required to foot the bill to put you in a comparable hotel, provide transportation there and back, and pay for a phone call home.
How the government or insurers will foot the bill, however, remains unclear.
With the exception of the largest users, the majority of buyers expect their supplier to foot the bill for AMR installation