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An Uttam Boutique (available from House of Fraser) top with a silk Ted Baker ra-ra skirt, footless black tights and very beautiful, old gold shoes from M&S.
A woman who constantly cries and sweats blood, Indonesia's infamous cigarette-smoking toddler, a human octopus in India, a werewolf girl in Thailand, a 31 year old woman trapped in the body of a baby, a footless football sensation, a furry monkey girl in China, an Indonesian boy with snake-like skin, a man with a hole in his face, an Ethiopian girl born with an extra body and many more, these are the astonishingly courageous individuals whose curio predicaments have made them shy away from human contact.
You have fishnets, sheers, opaques, lacy tights, footless, animal prints or the classic blacks.
London, Aug 29 ( ANI ): Footless Brazilian wonder kid Gabriel Muniz has been invited to train at Barcelona's academy after the club coaches saw him during a summer camp in Rio.
Health freaks check their feet before walking round in circles--a footless man peeps through the church railing.
UPDATING my look, whatever the weather, with a pair of gorg lace look footless tights (pounds 6.
Butterfly at Matthew Williamson has a cute floral dress which looks great teamed with footless tights and pumps to take the look from summer into winter.
The Geordie (Paul Charlton from South Shields) has been in Little Britain and Sirens, and made a cracking footless pigeon too.
afarensis skeleton dubbed Big Man, though footless, displays long legs, a relatively narrow chest and an inwardly curving back--all signs of a nearly humanlike gait (SN: 7/17/10, p.
After developing the original Spanx footless pantyhose for women in her modest apartment, Blakely had to sell the idea to retail stores.
These include NEMA Frames 140T and larger with footless frames (F-face and D-flange), close-coupled pump motors, Design C, U-frames and several other variations.
OK, so I may be channelling Ashes to Ashes with my 80s dress and footless tights look, but I'm a million times more comfortable.