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With her patented, footless pantyhose prototype, Blakely drew again on her cold-calling experience.
a major maker of "forms" -- those headless, and usually footless, mannequins displaying the latest fashions at such stores as The Limited, J.
Karma Farms claims it has no intention of selling the footless cats, but Ives does plan to attempt to register the Twisty Cats as a breed, which has sent animal rights activists into a fury of online anger.
More young women are now wearing tights, and there has been a great deal of innovation in footless tights, which are now staple garments for many young female consumers.
Reversible footless tights : These can be worn underneath a dress or skirt.
The simplicity of her clothes as she moves through center, with just a leotard, footless tights and pointe shoes, emphasizes the length of her limbs.
Not because a new footless breed of pig has been developed, but because they are no longer in demand and are instead flown off to China, where they remain popular.
07 (480m): Run For Glory, Sunridge Ruby, Footless, Raffian, Joe's Creer, Icy Sizzler (W).
Its "body" sits on the bottom edge of the canvas, legless and footless, turning the support itself into the dwarf's space of residence.
Cropped or footless tights are a fantastic option for casual looks, and arebestworn under a mid-thigh skirt paired with a pair of flats in warmer months.
Yep, Ms Winkleman looked the picture of beatnik chic in her signature black footless tights teamed with a cute cape.
Matalan chain back tunic, pounds 18, 100 denier shine opaque footless tights, pounds 4.