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The IP solution is part of FreeStar's overall expansion and strategic investment strategy that encompasses the wider European area and will serve to strengthen its footmark as a genuine cross border payment solutions provider.
Moreover, the bank has a footmark in West and Central Africa via its alliance with Ecobank in West and Central Africa.
A big footmark has even been left behind on his groin and his tongue was battered, making it difficult for him to eat.
Still, he had helped take Durham's lead past 200 and when Jennings was caught trying to drive a Myburgh delivery which seemed to turn from a footmark, there was no reason to doubt the champions were on course for a matchwinning score.
Tufnell made one bounce and turn from a Mullally footmark, and Read did not gather cleanly to take the gloss off an otherwise neat performance in which he took two catches.
Lara, on 10, was almost bowled by a delivery from slow left-arm spinner Phil Tufnell that scuttled right along the ground from out of a footmark.
I couldn't see if it was a toe or a heel but quite clearly it was a footmark from a trainer or a boot.
In his small flat he battered, stamped on and strangled the teenager in a prolonged attack, leaving a footmark on her abdomen.
You concentrated on putting your foot into the footmark in the snow of the person in front.
Police said of the October 31 brawl: "The 18-year-old had lacerations and a footmark on his face.
Inside the temple, there is a footmark which is believed to be of Ravana.
There were some footmarks in play which benefited me.