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The fleet-footed Achilles is challenged to a footrace by the tortoise, who says he can't lose if Achilles gives him a ten-yard headstart.
Reading Thomas Armstrong's marvelous account of "Prebirth" reminds me that each of us has already been the champion of a race equivalent to a multinational footrace from the Earth to the moon
But in April, he's tackling a fearsome project of his own by running 151 miles across the Sahara in the Marathon Des Sables - billed by organisers as the world's toughest footrace.
In a standard marathon footrace, placement of aid stations every 5 km has been associated with an absence of EAH (72).
With Jeff Kent standing on second, Dodgers third baseman Antonio Perez opted to hold the ball and try to win a footrace with Hollandsworth, who slid safely back into the bag.
In the fourth event, the "Pacific Coast Container Dune to Surf Race," two two-person teams competed in a relay footrace from dune-top to surf, and back again with a full pony keg.
Two of the Austins' granddaughters traveled from out of state to run in the Butte to Butte footrace in Eugene on Independence Day.
The subject is a footrace by prostitutes that was part of the festive Palio di San Giorgio in Ferrara.
If my analysis is right," he declares, "the global system of finance and commerce is in a reckless footrace with history, plunging toward some sort of dreadful reckoning with its own contradictions, pulling everyone else along with it.
Imagine a footrace in which the runner's feet moved in opposing directions.
corporate giants as Beatrice, Hewlett-Packard, and International Paper, the city is also in a footrace with Frankfurt and Amsterdam to become the headquarters of Eurofed, the European Community's central bank.