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Though this was all but a fiction of his own, yet it had its desired effect; Atkins fell upon his knees to beg the captain to intercede with the governor for his life; and all the rest begged of him, for God's sake, that they might not be sent to England.
For God's sake go, and send me somebody else that doesn't look like that
Such purity of action and intention is what makes fasting what it really is, an act undertaken for God's sake.
Stephen Harper, whose electoral strength is in Alberta for God's sake talks about fixing what he calls the federal fiscal imbalance with a national government that is still more than $500 billion in debt.
But for God's sake don't grab the microphone to come out and then say it's a choice.
Strolling through Haight-Ashbury in 1967, it was George Harrison--the quiet Beatle, for God's sake, and the one with the sitar
I mean, it was one thing when some line workers at an assembly plant lost their jobs to teenagers in Mexico and China, but some of these guys have BMWs to pay off, for God's sake.
The transport system is so cocked-up it takes six hours to get to your own toilet for God's sake - and even then you have to pay a congestion charge.
But for God's sake, get a grasp of basic mathematics.
Why not, for God's sake, the Welsh or even the English?
For God's sake let us not change what has almost passed into history for fear of hurting their feelings.