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Amac kemik fuzyonu saglarken foraminal stenozun engellenmesi, disk mesafesinin yuksekliginin korunmasi olmustur.
Early changes in the cervical foraminal area after anterior interbody fusion with polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cage containing synthetic bone particulate: a prospective study of 20 cases.
Association of burners with cervical canal and foraminal stenosis.
MRI of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral spine obtained during rehabilitation was notable for showing mild cervical and lumbosacral spinal stenosis and foraminal restrictions from C3 through C7 and homogeneous enhancement of the nerve roots of the cauda equina consistent with meningitis.
Inadequately addressing lateral recess and foraminal stenosis in patients with lumbar stenosis have been reported as the number one cause of poor surgical outcomes.
The FDA-cleared iO-Flex System is the first minimally invasive set of flexible instruments designed to precisely target central, lateral recess and foraminal lumbar stenosis without disrupting spinal anatomy critical for maintaining spinal stability.
Laryngeal cysts have been classified into saccular, ductal, and thyroid cartilage foraminal cysts.
Study #1: A comparison of changes over time in cervical foraminal height after tricortical iliac graft or polyetheretherketone cage placement following anterior discectomy.
The degenerative processes that result in these lateral canal changes also contribute to central canal stenosis; therefore, it is not uncommon to observe central and foraminal stenosis in athletes who have sustained a stinger.
Bone changes, such as erosion or splaying of the ribs, may occur (4) as well as neural foraminal enlargement and vertebral body erosion.
However, when a patient has failed to respond to conservative management and standard imaging studies demonstrate no significant evidence for compression of central or foraminal neural structures, the differential diagnosis should include a plexus lesion.