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But unlike its sleek forbearer - the four-seat Interceptor - the newest Jensen will be a sporty two-seater with an aluminum body wrapped around a Ford Cobra V-8 engine.
CEATEC JAPAN, Japan's comprehensive trade show for the electronics and information technology industries, is scheduled for October 2nd through the 6th and serves as the forbearer of many U.
This is a great success and forbearer for many other institutions that will benefit from the efforts of the Kuali Community.
In fact, this system could become the forbearer of a joint services DMT in the next 10 years.
Today millions of people live in dry areas and despite technology and engineering, their situation is as insecure as our forbearers - For all the advances in technology, the blunt truth is that world hunger is on the rise," said Mariam Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Food Security, addressing the audience.
In those days, lecherous old studio chiefs were the forbearers of Weinstein, Polanski, and Allen.
What certainly counts is that the two-state solution didn't work in such a compressed area and, when the Israelis officially annexed the West Bank, after decades of slow and painful bites, so much strife ensued that our forbearers reluctantly acknowledged that in order to survive, they had to form one nation, a diverse and democratic place of unqualified personal and religious freedom.
In the process, Taylor explains, the colonists came to think of themselves, like their British forbearers, as "especially blessed and enlightened by commerce, civil liberties, the common law, and their Protestant faith," compared to the "economically backward, religiously superstitious, culturally decadent, and submissive to despotic rule" French and Spanish colonies.
As our forbearers did, we all must rediscover books and begin to value them for the wonderful treasures and companions they are.
While this cranberry bog is obviously a replica, Carr herself is the real deal: a sixth-generation grower from Massachusetts whose forbearers in the 1930s helped to spearhead the formation of Ocean Spray.
We are confident that over the next few days, weeks, months and years, the new members of the executive council will work as a collective to realize the vision of the forbearers of our democracy.
The idea of a SWF is appealing--tying one's hands to benefit future generations sounds like the sort of Presbyterian thing that my Scottish forbearers would have approved of.