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make it impracticable and forbiddingly costly to administer individual status determination.
It is a forbiddingly chic tableau in glass, marble and beautiful people.
The unintended consequence, however, was the forbiddingly high prices charged for works by living authors.
The one problem that outweighs all others is the forbiddingly expensive cost of access to space.
The survivors must contend with their limited food supplies, their prolonged exposure to forbiddingly cold weather and, last but not least, their trespassing on a different turf, namely that of the wolves whose natural habitat is where the plane crashes.
As DVV saw little hope of seeing this voluminous and forbiddingly costly project in print he had literally dumped all the hefty files under the jute carpet in his CNAS room When I took Professor Yujiro Hayashi and Ms Kazue Iwamoto of the Toyota Foundation, Tokyo to meet him and discuss about the possibilities of editing and publishing the inscriptions under the aegis of the Toyota Foundation that was exactly where he pulled out the dusty files from.
Amid excruciating sorrow and pain, it's good to see people still find ways to gather for celebrations, even when the sounds seem curious and the dances seem, to some, forbiddingly exotic.
These political realities hinder efforts to craft sound policy and lead instead to reforms that are incremental, ideologically moderate, forbiddingly complex, and unlikely to generate grassroots excitement.
To outsiders, the Al-Saud ruling family's succession process often appears forbiddingly opaque.
A government official pointed out that under the option of conditional approval, investors must consider the costs for meeting the attached conditions and private-sector investors of Kuokuang may be unwilling to accept them, should they entail forbiddingly high costs.
challenge they took on, plunging into a forbiddingly recondite science,
Over the next few days Michael and his wife Gay will find the time to absorb the press coverage sparked by the announcement of his retirement and many will be the letters arriving at the forbiddingly named Kremlin House.