force apart

See: break, separate
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In fact, the jihadists remain the strongest fighting force apart from the French in northern Mali.
Appeal judges branded Judge Dodds "unfair" after he made an onthe-spot decision to force apart a family at a hearing that was only supposed to plot the future path of the case.
10, and then swapped them over for the match against Uruguay, when England were nowhere near good enough as an offensive force apart from one 20-minute spell.
Fianna Fail yesterday accused Justice Minister Alan Shatter of tearing the force apart.
QUETTA, August 20, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Police force apart from ensuring peace in the Province should also take part in the rescue and rehabilitation of the flood victims.
As more people enter the formation, you can feel the tension and the force of the group from the other side as the surging tries to force apart your hold.
Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller said the 4,800 workers equates to 35 percent of the city's work force apart from police and firefighters.
Once you've got e product people will not just buy once but will come back to, you can force apart your costs and selling price, end create a margin for the supermarket end for yourself.
Little was seen of the Lambs as an attacking force apart from a Danny Davidson shot which whistled over the upright and a penalty appeal against new boy Craig Reid which was turned down.
1 millon fee with Anderlecht for South Korea striker Ki-Hyeon Seol, but he will have to force apart a pairing who have been together since Sturridge limped off at half time on the first day of the season at Stoke City.
Fire crews used spreading equipment to force apart the railings and release the child.

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