force away

See: expel
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The dry winter wind still blew, but a screen of thatched hurdles erected in the eye of the blast kept its force away from her.
He threw his arm roughly round Natalie, and drew her by main force away from her aunt.
We want to show we are a force away from home, not just the ones who sit back for 90 minutes.
The Indian eves kept thwarting the Australian strike force away and ensured the hosts didn't manage too many shots on target.
Surely these traffic light errors keep tak ing work force away from the job they are there to do, and thus delaying the works even more.
Domestically they are on a great run having won seven of their last ten matches, and they are a real force away from home.
eIuWhen I tried to take her to hospital, he dragged her by force away from my car.
Aside from that, Aaron Summers enjoyed some blistering home performances although he was not the same force away, and hoped-for improvements elsewhere in the team did not materialise.
But he does not believe that he will be able to force away into France national manager Didier Deschamps' plans for the World Cup play-offs.
Benitez also made it clear there was no suggestion his team were turning into such a force away from Stamford Bridge because they are happy to be out of the firing line and the vicious anti-Benitez campaign, which spilled over during the Capital One Cup semi-final defeat last week.
The Minister also spoke about integrating the BICI reforms into the overall strategy of police reform that will shift the Public Security Force away from public order policing toward a full-service model that focuses on community policing.
The report also states that fans are turning out in force away from the elite.

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