force open

See: break, separate
References in classic literature ?
And running up after me, she caught me as I was again trying to force open the door.
d'Herblay silly enough, to have omitted to make all these reflections; and if I had wished to make a new king, as you say, I had no occasion to have come here to force open the gates and doors of the Bastile, to free you from this place.
When I become quite motionless, cold, and rigid as a corpse, then, and not before, -- be careful about this, -- force open my teeth with the knife, pour from eight to ten drops of the liquor containted in the phial down my throat, and I may perhaps revive.
Michaelis, young and slim, locksmith by trade, and great frequenter of evening schools, did not even know that anybody had been killed, his part with a few others being to force open the door at the back of the special conveyance.
Being then requested to force open the lid, I complied, of course, "with an infinite deal of pleasure.
August 26 Attempt was made to force open a vehicle door.
It reported that Kachere jumped onto the crocodile's back and tried to force open its jaws, beating at its head with his fists and poking at its eyes with reeds.
HOODED yobs used tools to force open the door of a car - but made off empty handed.
35pm, at Biddick Lane in Fatfield, an attempt was made to force open the conservatory door of a house, but the would-be thief made off when disturbed.
TWO robbers armed with crowbars tried to force open a safe at a recently-opened supermarket.
Sarkozy ordered regional authorities to intervene and force open depots, accusing the strikers of holding ordinary people and the French economy "hostage.
Inside they discovered the thieves had tried to force open a free-standing ATM.