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It's very flattering to Team Europe that the USA have put this task force together and are trying to replicate what we've done," Westwood said.
The minister said that human capital based,educated and trained work force together with improved Human Development Indicators (HDIs) was essential for competitiveness and global standards compliance,stated official spokesman.
Rangers are only three points away from the play-offs and Hasselbaink insisted: "It's a squad that excites me, we need to work together and we need to be a force together.
Jonathan Zrihen, president and chief executive officer of the New York-based Clarins, said the two companies would share and manage the sales force together, with the combined staff selling brands from both firms.
O'Brien told the City Council Tuesday night he has been delayed in putting such a task force together because of a succession of crises the city has had to deal with in recent months, starting with the infestation of the Asian longhorned beetle last fall, the December ice storm and a variety of fiscal issues stemming from deep budget cuts.
Tony Carroll and Jerry O'Dwyer are a potent force together at Wolverhampton.
Keegan said: "Defensively, we need some work on shape and I think Steve (Round) and him will be a really good force together on the training pitch.
National Trust archaeologist Jamie Lund came up with the idea of putting a volunteer force together after discovering an early copper mine had been tampered with.
Our families are the fabric that holds our Air Force together, and you wouldn't be here without your loved-ones support.
We really enjoy how well you portrayed many of the career fields that hold the Air Force together and bring together a great team, but we were sort of discouraged when we did not see our career field in there.
Weddings inevitably force together family members that don't get along but, for the sake of the bride and groom, most people manage to make an effort - especially as it's only for one day.
Eclecticism becomes a well-functioning idiolect, even though a cursory perusal of Wallin's reference material would seem to attest, rather, to an activity very much like trying to force together puzzle pieces that don't fit.