forced departure

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As soon as the warning signal was given, it exhibited all the signs of a hurried and forced departure.
In response to the commission's inquiry, the immigration office said that already he was given a waver on his forced departure three times and his record of using an illegal passport made it imperative for A to follow the procedure.
Months after mother and daughter reunite in Cyprus, unexpected events lead to Carren's forced departure.
In Moscow, after a 'relentless, quasi-military style existence' for eight months at a Canadian forces language school, he served initially as Weir's subordinate (and then in his place for two years after Weir's forced departure in 1980 in a tit-for-tat expulsion in response to the expulsion by the Muldoon government of the Soviet ambassador in New Zealand).
Max is feeling guilty after Jane's forced departure - whoever thought he was capable of such an emotion?
Her exit from the house is permanent, but no further details were revealed as to the reasons for her forced departure.
Her exit from the house is permanent, but no further details have been revealed as to the reasons behind her forced departure.
The information available to us, from sources very close to the file, say that there have been some misconduct among the main shareholders from the forced departure of the former DG and his summoning by the Tunisian justice.
Every drop of innocent blood shed via the unholy trinity will hasten the forced departure of a regime that cannot even lie well.
At an earlier stage in the race, the older Cubans -- those with deep ties to the Republican Party and visceral anti-Communist feelings resulting from their forced departure from Cuba after the revolution -- backed Jeb Bush, who had built strong ties with them during his governorship.
Saad Eskander's forced departure from Iraq's National Library and Archives deplored
But, despite the forced departure of Fabian Delph (with Christian Benteke likely to follow him out this week), the Villa boss has admitted that ideally he would offload as many as seven other players if he could.