forced labor

See: bondage
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In this great district the wild rubber tree flourishes, and has become, as in the Congo, a curse to the natives which can only be compared to their forced labor under the Spaniards upon the old silver mines of Darien.
Not content with refusing revenue," he continued, "this outlander refuses also to beegar" (this is the corvee or forced labor on the roads), "and stirs my people up to the like treason.
Several of the authors credit the advent and gradual dominance of "free" labor to global processes and forces that have little to do with the workplace and workers, such as the "closing" of resources, the unprofitability of forced labor (MCCreery), the transformation of law and the state (Steinfeld and Engerman), or the "normalization" of a universalizing bourgeois morality that rejected slavery (van der Linden).
In order to secure the pipeline and ensure a piece of the profits, the Burmese government is keeping a tight hold on this region and using forced labor to build supporting infrastructure.
In other words, involuntary servitude, forced labor without compensation, a commie pinko plot.
the lead counsel in the suit said, "Apartheid was an institutionalized system of racial disenfranchisement, forced labor, and criminal domination.
Given the real possibility that funding under the new projects could support the Uzbek Government's forced labor system of cotton production we strongly urge you to postpone consideration of these loans until the Uzbek Government takes concrete steps to end its use of forced labor," the organization said.
Department of Agriculture's guidelines to reduce child labor and forced labor in imported agricultural products.
Myanmar Labor Minister U Thaung has accused the International Labor Organization of exaggerating cases of forced labor in the country in order to apply pressure on the military government, the state-run New Light of Myanmar reported Thursday.
The ILO mission was in the country to study Myanmar's compliance with ILO recommendations on forced labor.
The International Labor Organization (ILO) on Wednesday voted to impose sanctions against Myanmar unless the Myanmar government eliminates forced labor in public works by November this year.
Herbert begins by meticulously tracing the evolution of the seasonal agricultural labor of Poles in Germany before 1914 and the forced labor of Belgians and Poles during the First World War.