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All that we know of the external world of nature is only a certain relation of the forces of nature to inevitability, or of the essence of life to the laws of reason.
Just so the force of man's free will is distinguished by reason from the other forces of nature only by the definition reason gives it.
Looking back after much love and much trouble, the instinct of primitive man, who seeks to personify the forces of Nature for his affection and for his fear, is awakened again in the breast of one civilized beyond that stage even in his infancy.
The connection between all the forces of nature is felt instinctively.
He seemed to partake of those obscure forces of nature which the Greeks personified in shapes part human and part beast, the satyr and the faun.
Her head was thrown back, all the silent passion of the inexpressible, the hidden secondary forces of nature, was blazing out of her eyes, pleading with him in the broken music of her tone.
How ill equipped to combat the savage forces of nature and of nature's jungle.
A certain lack of acumen in psychological questions and the condition of affairs in England at the time Darwin wrote, may both, according to Nietzsche, have induced the renowned naturalist to describe the forces of nature as he did in his "Origin of Species".
With this one, all the forces of nature that are occult and deep and strong must have worked together in some wonderous way.
The Forces of Nature presenter (and former pop star), 48, tells us what entertains him.
FORCES OF NATURE WITH BRIAN COX BBC1, 9pm The physicist explains how the Earth's beauty is created by just a handful of forces, beginning by examining the diversity of shapes in the natural world.
In Forces of Nature with Brian Cox, his first series for the channel, the former keyboard player with hit 90s band D:Ream reveals how our planet's beauty is created by just a handful of forces.