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He called on the Israeli authorities "to fulfill their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law and immediately cease all practices that are directly or indirectly generating a risk of forcible transfer for Palestinians in various parts of the West Bank, including the destruction of schools and related property.
But the young Quimpo claimed it was Abriam's group that allegedly initiated the forcible entry.
New Delhi [India] December 20 ( ANI ): A delegation of Akali Dal, lead by party president Sukhbir Singh Badal, met the Pakistan High Commissioner today over the issue of forcible conversion of Sikhs in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
A military source in South Darfur state told Sudan Tribune that the higher committee for the collection of weapons did not meet its commitment to provide the needed funds for the forcible weapon collection.
The young immigrants said they are housed in inhumane conditions and threatened with forcible repatriation, the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) Friday indicated in a press release.
It is worthwhile to mention that Kashmir freedom struggle is already at climax in the curfew-clamped occupied Kashmir valley since past 16 months after martyrdom of young freedom loving Kashmiri Burhan Muzaffar Wani by Indian troops on July 8 in 2016 - with mass anti-India and pro-freedom street agitation by the people most particularly the stone-throwing youth for the liberation of the motherland from the forcible and unlawful Indian rule.
A: Forcible entry and unlawful detainer are two distinct causes of action defined in Section 1, Rule 70 of the Rules of Court.
Delivery under finance lease ten (10) new specialized vehicles for forced relocation of PPP as follows: - 8 (eight) new specialized vehicles for the forcible removal of vehicles with a total permissible weight of at least 12,000 kg; - 2 (two) new specialized vehicles for the forcible removal of vehicles with a total permissible weight of at least 18,000 kg.
The day is observed as black day by Jammu and Kashmir people every year to mark extreme resentment and indignation over the continued unlawful and forcible occupation of bulk of Jammu and Kashmir state by the Indian tyrannical forces.
This is the second forcible exodus of the desperate people of Khirbet Susiya, who were expelled from their homes in a nearby area by the Israeli forces in 1968," Nawabah told KUNA.
Wibisono today condemned Israeli plans for the forcible removal of several Bedouin communities from their lands in the West Bank, saying that he was "alarmed at indications that the roll-out of plans, which in their full effect are believed to entail the forced eviction and forcible transfer of thousands of people, contrary to international human rights law and international humanitarian law, now appears imminent".
New Delhi: In the midst of a raging row over conversions in Agra by Hindutva outfits, BJP chief Amit Shah on Friday favoured a strong law to stop forcible conversions.