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master Ford, your friend here is in need of a cup of wine, for he hath drunk deeply of Garonne water.
Faith," said Ford, "this air of Bordeaux hath turned our turtle-dove into a game-cock.
Nor could she help contrasting the conversation of the sharp-witted man at her side with what she still remembered of the vague, touching, boyish enthusiasm of the millionaires of Devil's Ford.
I know nothing of business, but I know there has been trouble about the mine at Devil's Ford.
Besides the big names, Ford introduced talents who confirmed his nose for the new: James Farrell, Erskine Caldwell, and fellow oddball teen Paul Bowles.
11, Steven Ford was riding a Downtown subway train when it began to fill with smoke.
Initially, the new CACP facility will produce 110,000 aluminum engine blocks/yr for Ford's new global inline four-cylinder engine family, the 14, which makes its North American debut with the 2001 Ford Ranger.
Henry Lawes took the role of the Attendant Spirit in Comus; William seems to have composed the music for the two songs in Ford's last play, The Lady's Trial, and to have been employed by the Earl of Newcastle, to whom Ford dedicated Perkin Warbeck.
Ford launched its global diversity initiative in 1994 to improve diversity and work life throughout the company.
His antiques filled the Henry Ford Museum at Greenfield Village, and his collection of old-time dances filled a small book, with a lengthy title: Good Morning -- After a Sleep of Twenty-five Years, Old-fashioned Dancing is Being Revived by Mr.
In December 1994, Trotman unveiled Ford 2000, a global initiative that sought to remake the company by tearing up its regional structure in favor of one based on an integrated set of processes across product development, manufacturing, supply, and sales.