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CBS Movement Rates Roads Large 100% of vehicle speed (4 lanes) Medium 75% of vehicle speed (2 lanes) Small 50% of vehicle speed (1 lane) Rivers Large [greater than]47 meters wide, bridge company required Medium 20-47 meters wide, bridge platoon required Small [less than]20 meters wide, fordable with a 20-minute delay Slope Barren Sparse Moderate 0-3% .
He added: "It is a case where we should perhaps be looking at the Welsh Government to be doing everything to impact on af-f fordable housing for individuals.
London 2012 chairman Lord Coe described the policy behind the wide-ranging pr icing structure as an effort to make the t icket s "af fordable and accessible to as many people as possible".
In 2009, onesixth of the firm's 10,189 legal completions were af-f fordable housing.
Christine Harris, by email A YOUR duck is a fun and af fordable collectable.
The council's heat agenda includes an event for councillors to promote ways fuel poor customers can obtain affordable warmth and a focus group for how councillors can keep up-to-date on the Kirklees Af fordable Warmth Strategy.
It was agreed as part of the measures that builders would sell af fordable homes directly to applicants approved by local authorities to cut down on the bureaucracy and red tape that was delaying the transfer of houses to successful applicants.
At present the water is low and the river fordable, but at other times a traffic bridge is almost a necessity.
These upgraded UQM(R) systems have been designed and tested to operate at a depth of 60 inches below water allowing the hybrid electric HMMWV to achieve fordable operation.
Virginia Fields are among the panel of experts who will address the a fordable housing crisis at a conference sponsored by Business, Labor & Community Coalition BLCC) Feb.
A major obstacle in the 1CD's zone was the Yesong River, which was 200 to 240 meters wide and fordable only in the eastern 25 percent of the division's zone.
In 1707 Glasgow was a 'dear green place,' a little country town beside an undredged river fordable on foot; and its population was 12,000.