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There was plenty of foreboding in the opening scenes of this fourth series, as various members of the Shelby clan faced the gallows - but, of course, just a second or so before they were due to be despatched salvation arrived thanks to "good old" Tommy.
Many of these stories are foreboding from the title onward, and this foreboding is both made interesting and intensified by the way the characters sometimes acknowledge or contravene the mood.
While Raju Singh's background score adds to the aura of foreboding and, yes, Sunil Patel's cinematography is impecccably radiant it is Aditi Rao's performnce as a woman trapped in a maze of her own suspicion who imparts a sense of gamine-like fun to the inherent terror quotient of the drama.
Pure Love @ Central Station & Yales, Wrexham (Tuesday) * AS the singer with angry hardcore punk band Gallows, the heavily tattooed Frank Carter cut an extremely foreboding figure.
Fork lightning streaked across the foreboding skies, as captured in these stunning pictures by reader Stacey Topal from Stockton.
An escape to nowhere - probably down a desolate mountainous road in a foreboding mist.
1 CORINITHIANS 15: 55-57 The Christian faith, with its message of life after death, is like a trumpet call of assurance and joy answering the muted strings of tearful sighs and the muffled drums of dark foreboding.
I remember the horrible feeling of foreboding I had when we brought Nicki over.
Daryl Hannah gets the job and moves into her new boss's somewhat foreboding mansion house.
There's a sense of longing in Prokofiev's music that tugs at you--and a sense of foreboding that can give you chills.
Proving once again that the words British and horror go together about as well as custard and gravy is a supernatural shocker that, despite a foreboding atmosphere, never truly shocks or scares.
I feel both surprise and a rather foreboding sense of 'Oh dear, it's worse than I imagined,'" comments Don Wilson, a mammal curator at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.