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Given how pervasive and influential oil price predictions are, there is a surprising lack of data into how accurate the forecasts have been and which forecasters have the best track record, says JOHN KEMP
m - 1), where x is the vector input and y is the scalar output of the FLS forecaster for chaotic systems.
The forecaster said the sun's ultraviolet radiation levels were also at a summer high, particularly between 12pm and 5pm.
Showers will clear tomorrow morning -- earlier rather than later," the forecaster said.
This conclusion supports the argument that, without the benefit of hindsight, it is extremely difficult to pick out an individual forecaster who is likely to outperform the consensus across a range of variables and time horizons.
We are extremely heartened and humbled by the response from the people to our forecasters being replaced.
This package contains both the Tanker Freight Forecaster and the Bulker Freight Forecaster.
SIR - For years we have been trying to persuade Radio 4 weather forecasters to use the same format (location first then its weather) on their general forecasts as they do on their shipping forecasts; on PM (Tuesday Sept 15) they did just that.
Usability, Adaptability, Visibility -- Three Pillars in Microsoft Forecaster 7.
PA weather forecaster Paul Knightley said: ``We'll get little showers of snow because of the cold winds coming across the Irish Sea.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for winter and its harsh and ever-changing weather, Brookstone has introduced the 5-Day Wireless Weather Forecaster, which provides a real-time, accurate, five-day forecast anywhere in the United States.
Kellner has been twice recognized by Business Week magazine as the most accurate forecaster of the year.