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You'll need greater accuracy if you are trying to forecast daily or weekly data than if you are forecasting monthly or quarterly.
Moreover, say the researchers, the forecasting scheme can't help every year.
The results didn't herald an amazing breakthrough in long-range forecasting.
Better sales forecasting can make an important contribution to your bottom line.
The Steel Market Analysis, Financials & Forecasting 2011-2021 report examines this sector critically by drawing upon a rich combination of primary and secondary research with a comprehensive review of recent contracts, official corporate and governmental announcements, news reports, industry publications, market analysis, policy documents, industry statements and an extensive consultation of expert opinion.
SYSPRO Forecasting is an intuitive, common-sense and flexible module that retains as much or as little history as business requirements dictate.
Real-Time Forecasting monitors daily demand signals and uses pattern recognition to generate a significantly more accurate forecast.
This latest version includes powerful new conversion capabilities, as well as embedded parameter tools for further automating the forecasting process by reducing the number of repetitive planning tasks.
economy appears to have seamlessly downshifted to a soft landing (and) we are not forecasting a recession C* the economy is about to get bumpy as the housing market continues to deteriorate.
com), the leading provider of Real-Time Forecasting (RTF) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Real-Time Forecasting Version 3.
Weather Predict announced today it has reached agreement with the National Weather Service to make available hurricane forecasts from the patented "Super Ensemble(TM)" weather forecasting technology to the National Hurricane Center for the 2006 hurricane season.