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The bottom line is that I don't really care if it's the state government or the city government, but something needs to be done to help those folks who are being foreclosed on,'' Mr.
It said Rezaian's guilty plea was the 30th it has obtained in a wide scale investigation of widespread fraud to get hold of foreclosed properties cheaply.
The foreclosed owner in those cases would be limited to monetary damages from the foreclosing bank.
Vulcan's plan is to buy approximately 1,200 foreclosed homes, nearly half of which will be split between Broward and Palm Beach counties.
This is a good market for flipping--fixing up a foreclosed home and selling it for profit," says David Madsen, broker and owner of Thornton Walker Real Estate.
Almost all foreclosed homes are at least temporarily vacant; as long as they remain so, they impact the home values and quality of life in their neighborhoods.
Here's a new one: two Florida homeowners tried to foreclosed on a bank last week after being stiffed on $2,534 in legal fees.
2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Foreclosed homes may be an opportunity for buyers and investors, but for banks they are a mess with no end in sight.
AHG's third-quarter Distressed California Hotel Survey showed 529 California hotels are in default or have been foreclosed on--a 10.
But for homeowners seeking to sell their homes for the best price or home builders wondering when they will be able to get back to work, the news will likely slow the process of bringing foreclosed properties back on the market again even more.
Some $19 million in federal money is going to projects aimed at buying and reselling foreclosed and abandoned properties in four New Hampshire cities.
Robert Palmer and Tammy Nicolo bring more than 60 years of combined experience in the real estate industry to their new business, REO RESQ, a foreclosed home-maintenance business.