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However, our forefathers valiantly faced these obstacles, stood on the side of fairness, and followed what they believed was right.
Forefathers & Founding Fathers is available in E-Book format as well as Paperback on Amazon.
Shaikh Mohammed said the day was an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the forefathers.
Purryag added: " Our forefathers did not get any gold but they worked hard enough to turn Mauritius into an independent nation.
He took pride in following in the steps of fathers and forefathers and bearing the trust with utmost sincerity and determination.
Juma Al Majid, Chairman of Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, inaugurated the Islamic and Arab Pioneers in Science and Medicine Exhibition at Dubai Healthcare City, a member of TECOM Investments, featuring renowned forefathers of science and medicine.
So, we have come here to take bath and we will pray for our forefathers and all other things.
And so it was that Patrick and Pepe found themselves staring at their forefathers in a place called a Museum.
What is this Government doing in allowing this to happen, when our forefathers worked so hard before the wars and after.
Modern authors have grown bored of empty post-modern posturing, and now emulate their Victorian forefathers, producing stories that are as twisty and turny as a side street in Fagin's London.
The pedestrian and visitor will now feel miniaturised by this carbuncle and our great forefathers of architecture will be turning in their graves.
Even with the improved technologies available today, we would be hard-pressed to equal the planning, drive and endeavours of our forefathers in the early 20th century.