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He directed WASA deputy director Asghar Bhalli to visit all such sites in the city and issue direction to Xens and SDOs concerned for its timely completion, failing which both officers be suspended besides forefeiture of the contractor security in addition to black listing him.
Department of Justice also has filed a forefeiture charge in the case.
Peckover has 30 days in which to appeal against the forefeiture oder.
Judge Lord Hardie also ordered forefeiture of cash found in possession of the accused.
As hundreds of stare legislators from around the country gather here this week, some are talking about finding ways to stop police from evading state forefeiture laws.
451-2(a)(2) states that a substantial forefeiture of earnings upon the premature withdrawal or redemption of a one year or less certificate of deposit, time deposit, bonus plan, certain short-term corporate obligations, or other deposit arrangement constitutes a substantial limitation or restriction on the taxpayer's control over the receipt of such earnings.
Separately, he also awarded various punishments, including forefeiture of service, reduction in pay and fines, to 22 policemen.