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Even if the CLS movement dies, -- in the sense, for example, that people who call themselves Crits cease to foregather as such -- we still must ask whether, and how much, such a way of thinking has enriched or sharpened our knowledge of the law, our own personal jurisprudence.
The attached pair ignore each other in public; they foregather in private" (73).
The erstwhile coaching inn where cereologists now foregather while waiting to see the circles before their eyes lies roughly in the centre of this area, close to Silbury Hill.
But if he demands a right to obtain the books and pictures he wants in the market, and to foregather in public places-discreet, if you will, but accessible to all-with others who share his tastes, then to grant him his right is to affect the world about the rest of us, and to impinge on other privacies.
Tregillus quoted in "Farmers Foregather Here to Consider matters of Vital Importance to Them," Calgary News-Telegram, January 22, 1913.
But I cannot imagine that uniformed soldiers in wartime would actually have had the temerity to foregather and shout their displeasure at the Government.
Tony Gibbs, brand new into the role of chief executive of the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, has his first chance to meet a sizeable chunk of the NODA membership at the end of the month, when the association foregathers in Buxton for its national weekend.