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For the origins of the foreign mission movement in America, see Clifton Jackson Phillips, Protestant America and the Pagan World: The First Half Century of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1810-1860 (Cambridge, Mass.
Ironically, Taylor's complaints against the Foreign Mission Board parallel almost exactly the misgivings among some northern Fundamentalists that led them to embrace the "faith mission" movement as an alternative to mainline Protestant mission boards.
The regulators said in the guidance that banks could enter into written agreements with foreign missions that clearly define the terms of use for the accounts.
6) issued here on Monday, commercial banks have been advised to expedite the verification process by appointing designated coordinators in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, duly authorized to facilitate the process of requests of verification of bank account/statement expeditiously received from Foreign Missions, Embassies/High Commissions and any other relevant office for visa purposes.
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention is the premier global missions agency of African-American Baptist heritage.
The foreign missions will be closed down including one each at Baku in Azerbaijan, Athens in Greece, Tripoli in Libya, Cairo in Egypt, Port Louis in Mauritius, OIC trade office in Jeddah, Santiago in Chile and Mexico City.
Judson began by chiding Worcester for losing "sight of the hand, which furnished him with the Secretary's chair," for it was Judson who was the originator of the foreign mission movement and not the ABCFM.
pastor of the Greater Saint Mary Church and president of the Louisiana Home and Foreign Mission Baptist State Convention.
She told Maryknoll magazine, "If you have this vocation for foreign mission, you can parlay anything.
Meanwhile, staff at London's Foreign Mission Club were fed up yesterday taking calls while Chief Nicholas was out on the town sight- seeing
All told, they serve 78 consulates, 237 honorary consulates and 34 miscellaneous foreign government offices, covering 3,000 foreign mission personnel.
Arab News learned that on the instruction of the foreign mission, police back home are currently conducting investigations about the matter with the suspects' families.

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