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In such cases, where foreigners were concerned on either side, it would be impossible for the federal judicatories to do justice without an equitable as well as a legal jurisdiction.
This is only some poor man who has lost his way, and we must be kind to him, for strangers and foreigners in distress are under Jove's protection, and will take what they can get and be thankful; so, girls, give the poor fellow something to eat and drink, and wash him in the stream at some place that is sheltered from the wind.
I express myself badly, or perhaps, as monsieur is a foreigner, which I perceive by his accent "
Snagsby in a mysterious low voice, "it is relating--not to put too fine a point upon it--to the foreigner, sir
He seemed to be a foreigner," Lady Anselman remarked, as the man addressed his explanations to her.
Brand"--poor, so poor that she was obliged to pawn her ring--left, by a man who was a foreigner, alone with her little girl--was I on the trace of her at that moment?
She felt she would love to see somebody entangle their fingers in the oily beard of the fat foreigner who owned the establishment.
A SOLITARY foreigner, drifting about London, drifted toward Fulham on the day of the Foot-Race.
Speaking of the sentence upon a foreigner who had been condemned in Russia, and of how unfair it would be to punish him by exile abroad, Levin repeated what he had heard the day before in conversation from an acquaintance.
The only waking moments at which he appeared to relax from his cares, and to recreate himself by going anywhere or saying anything without a pervading object, were when he showed a dawning interest in the lame foreigner with the stick, down Bleeding Heart Yard.
Jake nodded at me approvingly and said you were likely to get diseases from foreigners.
Each of them would have its commerce with foreigners to regulate by distinct treaties; and as their productions and commodities are different and proper for different markets, so would those treaties be essentially different.