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Now this foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits; it cannot be obtained inductively from experience, nor by any deductive calculation.
At any rate, the overheard matter seemed to imply her foreknowledge of that event, and I think she was wise in not waiting for the investigation of such a charge.
Your uncle is, and always will be, a dull calculator, Nell," observed the mother, after a long pause in a conversation that had turned on the labours of the day; "a lazy hand at figures and foreknowledge is that said Ishmael Bush
Probably he had that much foreknowledge, knowing his men.
But he had hoped that it might be shyness, her retiring character, her foreknowledge of the state of his heart, anything short of aversion.
who, besides being a little disturbed by wine, was in perpetual terror of committing himself by the utterance of stray words that would betray his guilty foreknowledge.
When I sent them away I had no visible appearance of, or the least room to hope for, my own deliverance, any more than I had twenty years before--much less had I any foreknowledge of what afterwards happened, I mean, of an English ship coming on shore there to fetch me off; and it could not be but a very great surprise to them, when they came back, not only to find that I was gone, but to find three strangers left on the spot, possessed of all that I had left behind me, which would otherwise have been their own.
Set in the year 2054, where a specialized law enforcement agency called "PreCrime" apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided three psychics called "precogs.
The implication of foreknowledge of the periodic table at the time of the writing of the bible is significant.
But with respect to their foreknowledge, we've never had that hard evidence.
For the family, David Scoffield said: "The inquiries leading to the conclusions would have gone directly to not merely the murderer, but who was involved in planning it, what foreknowledge there was of it, who sanctioned it and their position within the organisation.
Minqara, who heads the Tawhid Movement, a pro-Assad Islamist group, was detained last year over suspicions that he had foreknowledge of the attacks.