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The most widely recognized role in forensic nursing practice continues to be that of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), although many nurse examiner programs are expanding their services to provide holistic care and evidentiary exams for patients impacted by domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and human trafficking.
The JHUSON forensic nursing options currently include MSN, DNP, and PhD degrees in addition to the new CAFN.
Knight, "The Real CSI: Forensic Nursing in the ED," Nursing Spectrum, September 20, 2004; retrieved on May 11, 2005, from http://www.
Weiler received a certificate in forensic science from Southeast Community College in Lincoln and a certificate in forensic nursing.
Ethical and legal issues of culture, spirituality, diversity and equality in forensic nursing
In addition to online classes, forensic nursing students will gain firsthand forensic experience as they complete the clinical components of their degree.
The fourth edition adds chapters on disaster preparation and forensic nursing.
Investments in 2006 saw the opening of new multi-disciplinary branches in Preston and Runcorn in north west England, as well as establishing a new Forensic Nursing Division through the acquisition of Link, a specialist nursing and healthcare agency serving Wales and the West.
We just didn't call it that until the 1990's when Virginia Lynch and others started defining forensic nursing and its role.
Goldstein, The SART/SANE Orientation Guide, 1997 (Santa Cruz, CA: Forensic Nursing Services) and Sherry Arndt, interview by author, July 2001.
This book emerged from one of the National Forensic Nurses Research and Development Group meetings, through what is often the central focus of these: how can we as a Group contribute to the development of forensic nursing and more widely mental health nursing?

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