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Although partisan criticism has appeared to increase in every redistricting cycle, the partisan valence of the papered-over legislative reauthorization debate foreordained the arguments now coming to full bloom, I have recounted elsewhere that legislative history and thus will only provide a brief summary here.
By the end of Irving's novel, sacrificial acts become a way for God to pose 'horrible questions'--which is to say that every once and a while, a demand of God's asks us once again to remain faithful to an act for which extant foreordained notions of the good provide no intelligible rationale or resolution.
Further thinking along these lines seems likely to produce only more frustration and foreordained failures.
With courage that could only be attributed to the Spirit, they proclaimed to their Jewish brothers and sisters that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, foreordained by God and foretold by the prophets.
Gaps are inevitable, and slippage foreordained between abstractions and their manifestations in all human endeavors.
is nothing automatic or foreordained about the success of such transitions.
Using examples of the British and Soviet empires, Johnson concludes "If we do not learn from their examples, our decline and fall is foreordained.
The result is a taut, vibrant account that shows the synchronicity of movements as King and his colleagues plot political strategy and follow his speaking itinerary, while Ray draws ever closer in what would seem an erratic path if we didn't know, as in myth, that a tragedy foreordained lay on the road ahead.
He has foreordained all things by His eternal decree.
Like his submission to the Roman mother-state foreordained by
In this particular case, however, the choice of analogy may have been nearly foreordained.