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Kushner foreshadows this interconnectedness early in the play through an implicit comparison between Joe's neglect of Harper and Louis' neglect of his grandmother, as well as through an implicit comparison of the two women's response to that neglect.
The leading indicator made up of 11 indexes -- which foreshadows economic activity six months down the road -- was revised down to 72.
But the increased use of replacement parts sold by auto makers, coupled with growing medical costs, foreshadow rate increases this year.
The Advance Economic Barometer is designed to foreshadow strengths and weakness in the U.
In this edition of the Newsreel: The House and Senate have announced their starting budget proposals, and campaign funding numbers foreshadow the 2014 races for statewide offices.
today may foreshadow what will occur in America tomorrow.
Many of these images foreshadow classic Egyptian art, yet they were carved 3,500 years before the pharaohs built tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
Kirkeby shows us the uncanny resemblance between the eccentric patterns of seemingly formless inorganic matter and those of living organisms, the former appearing to foreshadow the latter.
Logic dictates that these leading indicators foreshadow a slowdown.
Despite the slim gain, the March increase is significant because it continues to foreshadow real expansion of between 3+ and 4 percent for the national economy in 1994.
Nima Nattagh, a principal at ADMARI, said that an overvalued market does not necessarily foreshadow trouble.
Paget also noted "that the Court's rejection of the citizens' bare assertions of a unique interest may foreshadow a return to greater judicial scrutiny of the issue of a party's standing to bring environmental challenges.