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The pattern of men deserting loved ones also foreshadows a larger theme within the two-play cycle.
Because of the similarity in circumstances, she and Kikuchi suggest that the 1990 earthquake may foreshadow the larger Odawara quake, expected to measure magnitude 7 or stronger.
The result will foreshadow continued downward pressure on consumer prices, the headline inflation gauge, as lower wholesale costs filter down into the final price tag.
Abnormally low levels of an obscure adrenal hormone appear to foreshadow a progression from asymptomatic infection to full-blown AIDS, according to an intriguing new study The finding, if confirmed, may offer another means of tracking the deterioration of people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
Six patients in that high-risk group suffered strokes within months of the ultrasound test, while only one stroke occurred among the 210 children with normal blood velocities, Adams says, suggesting that blood velocity can indeed foreshadow vessel occlusion.
On the other hand, it may foreshadow nothing for the Cucamonga, says Morton.
The dispute, some say, foreshadows fights the rest of the state will face in the future.