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Not only is my client in no way responsible for the loss, but he distinctly foreshadowed the very thing that caused it.
It must be confessed that this ingenious interpretation of the dream in the light of newly discovered evidence did not wholly commend itself to the son's more logical mind; he had, for the moment at least, a conviction that it foreshadowed a more simple and immediate, if less tragic, disaster than a visit to the Pacific Coast.
My youthful sorrow was a vague presentiment of the sorrows of my later life; it was a kind of sympathy between my present and a future dimly foreshadowed by the life of the tree that before its time was going the way of all trees and men.
An unusual quantity had come in with the last tide, and this, and the confusion of the water, and the restless dipping and flapping of the noisy gulls, and an angry light out seaward beyond the brown-sailed barges that were turning black, foreshadowed a stormy night.
The change in the weather, foreshadowed overnight, had come.
Ogg's, with a striking person, which had the advantage of being quite unfamiliar to the majority of beholders, and with such moderate assistance of costume as you have seen foreshadowed in Lucy's anxious colloquy with aunt Pullet, Maggie was certainly at a new starting-point in life.
Important points are foreshadowed about Joe and Louis through their neglect of the women, even while the similarity in the couples' situations is emphasized.
Past events such as the Climax Neighborhood parties, the George Powellfests, the Bayviews, and the AWH-Tom Thumb Hobby sales have all foreshadowed this particular trend to skater-controlled marketing and indexing.
The future direction of Bolivia is foreshadowed by "humanitarian" aid pouring into the country from Fidel Castro's Cuba and Hugo Chavez's Venezuela.
It also foreshadowed a change in tone on the right: an intellectual shift away from skepticism about government and toward the more nationalistic conservatism now in full bloom.
government responded to their demands, their postwar activism foreshadowed the platform of the modern disability rights movement and contributed to the development of the GI Bill.
And yet, I want to see the greatness expressed within BIBR's pages foreshadowed on its covers, where our literary heroes and rising young wordsmiths should dominate.