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BEACH. The sea shore. (q. v.)

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The light-bellied Brent geese - on the amber list of endangered species - was the main driver and they had a lease on the foreshore.
Students have created the 4ft by 10ft artwork over the past four months, working with the Foreshore Community Group consisting of several local traders.
Radioactive material was first detected on the foreshore of Dalgety Bay in 1990.
He said: "We must be certain that when we open access to the foreshore that we can create a safe environment for children, parents and senior citizens.
The public will also be able to get involved directly in the work of monitoring specific sites by joining the Foreshore Recording Observation Group, or FROG.
Meanwhile, ForeShore managing director Tony Lowe has warned food companies not to neglect charities such as FareShare in the rush to boost their green credentials with state-of-the-art recycling schemes.
Mr MacDonald told the court that, between 1976 and the end of 2006, a total of 1,401 nuclear particles had been recovered by UKAEA from the foreshore and nearby Sandside Beach.
Set on St Andrew's Beach on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, the site is immediately privileged, being one of the few locations in Australia where construction is permitted directly on the foreshore.
Annie Borjesson's body was found washed up on the foreshore near Prestwick Airport.
Local village women rolled up their skirts, and, baring their legs, they carried on their shoulders newly-arrived train passengers from the marshy foreshore, through the shallows, to the boats that rowed them to their lodging.
Several archaeologists also worked on both projects, most notably Aidan O'Sullivan whose enthusiasm for foreshore research provided impetus to the surveys.
INSURANCE chief executive officer Ruurd de Fluter of reinsurance giant Swiss Re and a group of his employees have temporarily traded in the office for the riverbank to help environment group Thames21 clear debris from the foreshore.