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This is Foresight Solar Fund's first asset outside of the UK.
The company said both projects, form part of a larger unsubsidized solar portfolio acquisition plan Foresight is executing across Portugal, Spain and Italy.
Strategic foresight develops a range of competencies instrumental in envisioning future strategies, informing planning alternatives and strategic options through application of expert, evidence, creative and collaborative methods.
Foresight anticipates 2018 coal sales to be "relatively flat" versus 2017, he said.
Foresight representatives declined to publicly discuss their plans for Deer Run, also known as Hillsboro.
The re-brand started with the new brand name, that now communicates FSGs focus on foresight and strategy.
5 MW Membury utility scale project in the United Kingdom to Foresight Solar Fund Limited.
Foresight use is not limited to the publicly-funded national or regional programmes but it is also executed at the organizational (corporate) level, for example at the technologically advanced companies or research institutes.
The new status will see Foresight Technology support
The University of Houston Foresight Program long ago adopted the mission of preparing professional futurists.
Drydocks World and Maritime World, the internationally renowned provider of maritime and offshore services to the shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors, recently held discussions on co-operation with the Foresight Group on a number of topics of mutual interest including business opportunities for developing the rig business.
Headquartered in Northwestern Illinois with assets totaling USD891m, Foresight is a financial holding company with 12 offices in the Illinois counties of Winnebago and Stephenson.